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korea tourism organization

Our team relaunched tourism to Korea with a high-tech strategy. The market was highly competitive – popular locations like Japan, Thailand and China made it hard to stand out – but our feature was the integration of AI technology: it optimized the experience for every person interacting with the campaign. 

Together with our development team, we launched a modular microsite with original content encapsulating exciting aspects of Korean culture (think cuisine, fashion, music and more).  The content rotates with every visit – AI gathers insights on which content is most compelling to users, and then optimizes the microsite with the most successful combination. The goal is to increase time spent on the site and ultimately drive users to book trips to Korea. And to get users to the microsite, we developed an array of visual ads and videos, each tailored to different aspects of Korean culture. In this way, we are able to grab the attention of a diverse range of users, from the film-buff to the stylista to the wellness guru.

Creative Direction: Philip Byrne
Design/Art Direction: Blathnaid Conroy
Design/Art Direction: Niamh Murphy
Web Development: Ideamaker Agency
Video Editing: Gabriel Caste
Advertising Copywriting: Keith Flanagan
Content Writing: Azadeh Valanejad